Stefan Coetzee Photographics

Stefan Coetzee Photographics is a Pretoria-based Professional Photographic & Graphic Design company which offers professional solutions across multiple creative fields.
We specialise in:
Professional Photography:
Tourism / Hospitality photography – Hotels / Resorts / Lodges / Guest Houses
Wedding, corporate and other event photography
Food and restaurant photography
Corporate portraiture photography
Graphic design
Logos, business cards, flyer design
Magazine and magazine advertisement design
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Happy Snaps Photography

Need professional photographs for marketing?
If you want to market your event venue, guesthouse, lodge, restaurant etc., photographs are the easiest way of showing it off.
If you have a website, it is likely going to be your client’s first impression of the establishment. People tend to go through their initial elimination process online. That means your website may very well be your first opportunity to impress. Your online gallery should be just as good, if not better, than a site visit.
So, think of the photos you have of your establishement as a site visit.
Need someone to take these photographs to impress potentially clients?
HAPPY SNAPS PHOTOGRAPHY offers you quality photographs for only R1270 which includes 2 hours capturing session with all the photographs on DVD/CD.
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+27 (0) 60 960 5808


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