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Point of Sale

Ideal Software

Ian Said, owner and founder of Ideal Software, a company specializing in Point of Sale and Stock Management systems for the hospitality and retail industries. Ian's unique knowledge and understanding of the industry, ensure that every aspect of the software and reporting systems are carefully designed around the end user.
Their flagship product "Ideal Point of Sale" is fast, secure and constantly upgraded to meet the demands of a fast changing industry; and demanding customers who do not have the time to waste trying to find band aid solutions for a very important aspect of their business. The software is able to support multiple payment methods, integrates with loyalty programs, contains Kitchen Display System functionality and offers live remote monitoring of all reports via a mobile app.
"Ideal Point of Sale" integrates seamlessly with "Ideal Stock Control" to ensure stock levels are maintained and profitability achieved.
Ian prides himself on delivering more than his customers expect so that they can deliver more than their customers can expect.
Please contact him by email on ian@idealsoftware.co.za and visit his website at www.idealsoftware.co.za 

Cuisine Software

Cuisine Software Point-of-Sale has been in the Hospitality Industry since 1995. With all these years of experience, we believe we understand exactly what our customers and the Industry wants. We develop our Software in-house and offer an all-in-one package without any additional buy-on modules. Our Software is very user-friendly and easy to use. From Point-of-Sale (Bar, Waiter, Delivery & Collections, Take Away & Retail) to full Stock Control, we will help you to control your business. Contact us sales@cuisinesoftware.co.za


We have listened and worked with our customers to create a truly outstanding and affordable point of sale system. Our EasiPos 7 POS solution is focused on simplicity and speed of operation whilst remaining unbelievably feature rich.
Offering perfect integration with various accounting and back office applications, EasiPos 7 is robust and reliable under the most demanding operating conditions and is the perfect fit for all hospitality and retail applications, from a street café to a multi-national enterprise.
Today EasiPos 7 is utilised in many countries including Europe, Australia and its place of origin, South Africa.
For more info contact key-accounts@ankerdata.com


BizzFO is a software company focused on solving the “How” for small to Enterprise businesses.
BizzFO continuously adds value by improving and expanding their product, offering and have a keen focus on the retail and hospitality industry. They also believe price still matters, and with having their attention on the mass market, they hope to drive down the cost of software in the ever-growing and competing demand.
BizzFO is well on its way to becoming South Africa's leading Business Solutions Provider to SMME’s by 2025, by being the preferred and most respected business partner of choice, through providing best in class tools and support, driving innovation and adding real customer value.
BizzFO goal: to support Business owners by developing, sourcing and maintaining software solutions and infrastructure that support day to day business operations.

Software includes the following current functionality. The items listed below is only a summarised list and not limited to;

• Debtors // Creditors // Cashbook and Ledger.
• Full stock control with multi-warehousing, locations, Recipes, and Manufacturing
• Fully integrated touch screen interface with customised buttons
• Cash up and end of day processing
• Centralised “HIVE” / Portal of all daily activities over multiple stores
• Menu price push-down from a central point to all stores
• Barcode labels and printing
• e-mail invoicing // Quotes and Proforma Invoicing // SMS Integration
• Delivery Notes
• Promotions and Specials  

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