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Social Media Marketing

You know the power of Social Media. You know your posts should be professional and to get the best traction you need to post twice a day. 7 days per week. Yes, that's the reality of Facebook. But you also need to focus on your core business. We have helped many clients like you to achieve Social Media Success. We do in-house training if you want to do your own Facebook Management. We also do the designs, content and post each day on your behalf. Or maybe you just need a once of a Facebook facelift. No matter where in the world you are, we will assist. Imagine, no more time struggling with Social Media, with the peace of mind that your marketing is in good hands. Media Passion PR celebrates 12 years in this industry and our passion is all about helping you get more clients, clicks, and content.

Flourysh is a team of digital fundi’s who make up an exciting and modern type of end-to-end digital agency; offering all-inclusive services from graphic design to engaging social media content creation, social media adverts & management, marketing and advertising, brand management strategy website/mobile-friendly development, and Google-ready SEO/AdWords. Our team has specialised in the Hospitality industry for more than 10 years & we are PROUD to represent all the incredible riches South African tourism has on offer. We also provide (free of charge) encouragement & motivation throughout your journey! Get in touch for more details about our tailor-made digital solutions that will no doubt take your Hotel, Lodge, B&B or Resort to the next level both locally and internationally.

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