Unique Features in our Solution

Designed specially for the Hospitality Industry

Multi Property Switch

Connect all your properties 
Users will be able to switch through to any of your properties, see real time availability, make bookings, draw reports and with one drop-down switch to another property in seconds

Venue Link

Connecting Africa's Tourism with real-time availability
The Venue Link Solution will allow you to create links to other businesses and channels i.e. Travel Operators, Agencies, Tourism Associations, Organizations and your neighbor Venues with your Real time availability for Accommodation, Activities or Events. It will define the nature of the interaction (commissions can be none, flat rate, percentage or cost plus) and give you a detailed report of all reservations received. The Venue Link Solution will guarantee your venue of more reservations from various channels with less tiresome admin effort. Stress-free management of outside reservations received.

CRM - Customer Relationship Management

CRM Built into Q2B
Manage your sales pipeline, keep track of your customer interactions and never let a deal fall through the cracks. Automated tools and reporting, Email & SMS reminders to your customer. Remarkably easy to use.

Birthday Service

Auto Birthday Wishes to all your guests
Our Birthday Service will send out an automated Happy Birthday wish to all your guests. You can also add a gift voucher to your message and bring them back for more!

Anniversary Service

Auto Anniversary Wishes to your wedding customers
The service will send your wedding customers a happy anniversary every year, you can also include a discounted voucher for client to bring them back for more celebrations at your venue!

Customer Data & Marketing Tool

Updated Customer Data
Realizing that venues do not have time to consolidate their customer information into databases, we incorporated automated customer database generation. No loss of customer information or additional capturing required. Q2B also offer an easy marketing solution for mass mailing, easy group selection makes your task easy to promote a special event or show to specific group customers 

Auto Registration | RSVP

Added value to your Wedding & Conference Packages
Venues usually only record the organizer, host or hostess details and never obtain the details of guests. Q2B resolved this problem for venues with an automated registration link for event attendees, adding potential customers to your business. With 1 click you can now manage all your customers RSVP’s for their function, conference or wedding and provide them with updated attendees list with no additional admin required

Promo Codes

Create your own Unlimited Promo Codes
Promote your venue through the use of unlimited promotion codes. Promotion codes can be used to provide online discounts to your customers for Accommodation, Activities and Ticket sales 

Automated Feedback

Automated customer feedback will reach your attendees 24-hours after each event. Feedback obtained is neatly presented in feedback analysis reports and will enable the venue to respond to comments and adjust their focus where required. Questions manageable by venue and type of event. 

Gift Vouchers

Create your own Gift Vouchers & Trade online
Sell vouchers for accommodation or activities online. Vouchers can be bought online, gifted or distributed to the public and redeemed in the online purchasing of accommodation, event tickets or activities.

Automated Certificate Sending

Activities | Adventures
Set up your own Automated Certificates for your Activity customers. The Automated Certificate will reach your customer after his exciting activity, branded with your establishment details with his name & date and activity completed. Your guests can also take a selfie and add this to their certificate for an memorable experience. Awesome extra with every activity and inspiring your customer to come back for more...

Integration Our-Venue.com

Our-Venue.com is an online platform tailor built for venues, with the sole purpose of helping venues meet their client's expectations. Each venue has their own customised app that they can use to improve their enquiry process. The app enables potential clients to play around with everything that the venue has to offer. Brides can now build their own wedding packages in the comfort of their own home, resulting in more enquiries and a higher conversion rate. The same can be done for conferencing and functions.

Sell Extra's Online 

Extras is an excellent way to provide sell-up opportunities online. Extras can be set up as pricelist items and become available for online purchase for accommodation, activities and tickets. Want to add Breakfast as an optional extra to accommodation or maybe a video for activity or a bucket of beer with a ticket? Unlimited items can be added to online reservations, even items with a zero cost to your customer! 

Returnable Inventory Management

Manage all your Returnable Inventory items. Invoice & Quote platform with Management reports. Availability search. Unlimited Users, Items or Devices

Electronic Indemnity Check-in App

Check-in Web application for Accommodation & Activities
Set up your own Automated Check-in application for Activities or Accommodation customers. Designed with your own questions, buttons and look and feel in seconds. The application will also allow your customer to sign an indemnity, which will be stored to his specific reservation for future use! NO MORE printed indemnities with piles and piles of files keeping all your indemnities!

Paperless Gate Control

We offer Paper less Gate Control. Capture all your Guest details & Day Visitors automatically in a Customer Database! Electronically control entries and exits from your Venue.

Management Reports

Q2B Solutions offers Various Management Reports to assist you to manage your establishment profitable.

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